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Nothing sounds better than a really nice hot rod or muscle car with just the right exhaust system. Most people prefer a deep rumble with a bit of throatiness to their exhaust. You may have your own preferences. There are plenty of choices in exhaust parts and systems. You can get exactly what you want in most cases. As for performance, a free flowing exhaust system is a necessity on any street performance vehicle. You can't make horsepower if you can't flow the exhaust out.

If you lean a little more toward "show", rather than "go," headers and exhaust systems are available in stainless steel for a gorgeous finished look. At a car show, unless you really look, you only usually see the headers and the exhaust tips. If you're on a budget, a quick way to dress up an older exhaust system is to add stainless steel exhaust tips. They cost very little and really improve old ugly pipes.

Of all the speed parts added to cars, headers are one of the top 5. They add great power for the money you spend on them. Installation can usually be done in less than a few hours, though some new car engine bays are very cramped, requiring you to remove engine accessories or other parts to gain access. Regardless, headers are a great addition to any performance vehicle. Completing the exhaust system with a free flowing kit will allow your headers to work even better!


Did You Know?

Keep your car, truck or SUV legal by watching out for guidelines from your state on the types of exhaust kits and products that are legal. Certain states do not allow some exhaust products to be installed on cars. Manufacturers will announce if a product is not legal in a certain state.

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